Friday, 7 March 2014

Anwar has been given 5 years

大家早上好! 我知道这听起来像粗野的正义,它看起来对马来西亚政府并不是很好,但安华是一个分裂的人物会使马来西亚将永远都不会安宁,而他通过政治寻求自我。安华有一个贪得无厌的欲望来领导国家,他会导致国家分裂,不是因为任何政治信仰,而是因为他相信最终他将领导国家。现在,安华是马来西亚的灾难,如果他是国家的首相那就更糟糕了。出于这个原因,我很高兴他不会站在补选或有机会成为首席部长/州务大臣。安华应该被禁止参政,但是如果把每个男人跟其他男人睡,就判入监狱,那将会有很多马来西亚人会在监狱中。安华应该离开政治,让真正关心人民和国家的政治家做他们的工作。安华所做的一切,他为自己的荣耀,而不是为马来西亚,而更不是为人民!他只为他自己!

Good morning everyone! I know it sounds like rough justice and it doesn't look too good for the Malaysian government but Anwar is a divisive figure and Malaysia will never be at peace whilst he seeks to stroke his own ego through politics. Anwar has an insatiable desire to lead the country and he causes division in the country, not because of any political belief, but because he believes it will ultimately put him in charge of the country. Anwar is a disaster for Malaysia now and would be worse still if he was to lead the country as PM. For this reason I'm glad he won't be standing in the by-election or having the opportunity to be Chief Minister.

Anwar deserves to be banned from politics but if you put everyone in prison who sleeps with another man there would be a lot of Malaysians in prison. He should just leave politicians who care about the people and country to do their jobs. Everything he does, he does for his own glory, not for Malaysia and not for the people. He exists only for himself.

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Dato' Chua Jui Meng crushes feeble journalist (from The Star newspaper)

It is so funny! I cant believe this reporter is so stupid!!!!!! It was nice of Dato Chua Jui Meng to be so patient and give her a lesson in politics! I understand the process, give me a job at The Star now! I will make senior reporter in weeks if they are all that stupid =) The journalist's lack of political knowledge and integrity led to Dato' Chua Jui Meng being misrepresented in The Star newspaper. You would think the Editor-In-Chief would pick up such a school girl error before publication.

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